Youth Voices for Climate Action Campaign

About the Campaign

The Youth Voices for Climate Action (YV4CA) campaign serves as an inclusive platform for youth in the Asia-Pacific region to make their voices heard on climate action. By making your voice heard on this critical issue, you can inspire others to do the same and move policy makers in your country to accelerate climate action.

The goals of YV4CA, which are aligned with the ActNow UN campaign, are to create a space for young people to:

  • share views on how climate change is impacting young people’s lives;
  • showcase grassroots youth initiatives making positive impact for all;
  • make decision-makers aware of young people’s need for urgent climate action

This is your campaign!

How to join?

To start, you can take the short YV4CA survey and or submit a statement (details here). Next, you can adopt the campaign by sharing it among your network, exponentially increasing your impact. For this, you can use the materials from our social media assets package. Finally, you can apply through us to join the campaign as a YV4CA Advocate!

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