The Youth4Peace Training Toolkit! With the help from UNOY members, youth trainers and experts from all over the world, author Romeral Ortiz Quintilla has put together a youth-friendly and conflict-sensitive tool that is openly available for all beginners and intermediate youth trainers and educators in the field of peacebuilding! The toolkit provides tips to develop your own training on peacebuilding & conflict transformation and creating peaceful narratives.


Translating Youth, Peace & Security Policy into Practice This guide was developed by UNOY and Search for Common Ground, on behalf of the Inter-Agency Working Group on Youth and Peacebuilding. It is intended to help those interested in beginning to implement UNSCR 2250 locally and nationally to get started by forming a multi-stakeholder alliance around youth, peace and security.


Annotated Bibliography: The Role of Youth in Peacebuilding – November 2016 This document, compiled by UNOY and Humble Bees, details studies that describe, analyse and/or demonstrate the positive and constructive roles of youth as peacebuilders. The texts come from a variety of disciplines, using diverse methodologies and with different levels of depth and quality analysis. It aims to improve our understanding of the (positive) role of youth in peacebuilding and to support advocacy for a meaningful role of youth in peacebuilding.


Young People’s Participation in Peacebuilding: A Practice Note  Published by the UN Inter-Agency Network on Youth Development, Sub-working Group on Youth Participation in Peacebuilding (2016), with the collaboration of UNOY Peacebuilders. The main objective of this Practice Note is to inform policymakers and donors of key strategic and programming considerations for supporting young people’s participation in peacebuilding.


25 Stories for Peace Published by UNOY Peacebuilders and 25 Storytellers (2014) this book tells 25 inspirational stories demonstrating the value of young people working for peace from across the world. The book was published to celebrate UNOY Peacebuilders’ 25th anniversary in 2014.



Agreed UN Language on Youth Participation in Peacebuilding By UNOY Peacebuilders (2014) Today, the world is home to the largest amount of youth that has ever existed: 1,2 billion youth make up for 18% of the world’s population. A United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolution which specifically focuses on youth participation in peacebuilding was adopted in December 2015 (UNSCR2250). This document, written before its adoption, outlines the language to be used, and why it was exactly the absence of such a resolution that contributed to the unparalleled underrepresentation of youth in peacebuilding.


Guiding Principles Youth Participation in Peacebuilding By UN Inter-Agency Network on Youth Development, Sub-working Group on Youth Participation in Peacebuilding (2014) The Guiding Principles for Youth Participation in Peacebuilding offer overarching guidance on meaningful youth engagement and participation, especially in conflict and transition settings. They have been developed by a number of UN entities and NGOs – including UNOY Peacebuilders. We very much encourage you to make use of the principles in your work!


A Space for Peace By UNOY Peacebuilders (2014) To realise a truly transformative shift that positively impacts development in conflict affected and fragile states, young peacebuilders must be given a space to act in a global agenda beyond 2015.




Young and Green Peace By UNOY Peacebuilders (2014) This project aims to reinforce UNOY’s vision by raising awareness and understanding among youth from various cultural and geographical backgrounds about the impact of environmental challenges and climate change on peacebuilding processes. Today – against the backdrop of climate change – intercultural dialogue on best practices to address the theme of sustainability linked with peacebuilding is something that young people have at heart.


Evaluation of Child and Youth Participation in Peacebuilding The Global Partnership for Children and Youth in Peacebuilding, launched in 2012, seeks to improve child and youth peacebuilding (CYP) practices, and to impact and strengthen the evidence base supporting CYP and related best practices. In July 2014, the Global Partnership initiated a multi-agency, multicountry, multi-donor (3M) evaluation in Colombia, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Nepal.



20 years of UNOY By UNOY Peacebuilders (2009) This is the 20th anniversary publication of UNOY. It seeks to celebrate the achievements of UNOY and highlights the major historical events and success stories. It also allows people involved in UNOY’s activities to reflect on their experiences and what UNOY means to them.


What Is Good Youth Peace Work? By UNOY Peacebuilders (2005) This toolkit helps young people to evaluate their work as peacebuilders. It comprises of questions on three levels: personal, team and project in it’s social context. Evaluation is a crucial tool for improvement, and it is often ignored when it comes to peacebuilding work.

The Frontlines global report was developed by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), under the umbrella of the UNDP Youth Global Programme for Sustainable Development and Peace (Youth-GPS 2016–2020), and in collaboration with the Oslo Governance Centre (OGC). This new global research initiative was made possible with generous support by the Government of Norway.



Beyond Dividing Lines. The reality of youth-led peacebuilding in Afghanistan, Colombia, Libya and Sierra Leone.This report presents the findings of a youth-led research conducted in four focus countries in collaboration with UNOY Peacebuilders member organisations Afghans for Progressive Thinking (Afghanistan), Fundación Escuelas de Paz (Colombia), Together we Build It (Libya), and Youth Participation in Peace and Development (Sierra Leone).



Designing Learning for Peace is an educational publication which aims to support formal and non-formal educators in developing Peace Education activities. It provides a springboard for educators, learners and organisations to create further educational programmes and partnerships to promote Peace Education. Developed by UNOY along with a number of partners, it is a result of a collaborative learning, writing and editing process. This publication is issued by Mainstreaming Peace Education Series, a co-operation of European civil society organisations.


Mainstreaming Peace Education By UNOY Peacebuilders, European Intercultural Forum, Association Migration Solidarité et Echanges pour le Développement, Fundació Catalunya Voluntària, Habitat Center and the ASHA Centre (2014) This Manual aims to provide a framework for peace education in lifelong learning. It focuses on presenting the overall framework for peace education, sets out a strategic approach to mainstreaming peace education and provides examples of projects and initiatives in peace education implemented by European civil society organisations.


Recipeace for Dialogue By Anna Lindh Foundation, EUROCLIO and UNOY Peacebuilders (2013) This booklet serves as an opportunity to share some of the best practice examples discussed during the UNESCO day of diversity and intercultural dialogue for development. We welcomed 80 varied participants to our conference day entitled ‘Recipeace for Dialogue: Shaping Diverse Societies through Culture, Youth and education’.


PeaceBag By Anna Lindh Foundation, Union for the Mediterranean, Fundacio Catalunya Voluntaria and UNOY Peacebuilders (2011) This toolkit is the product of collective dialogue that created shared understandings of concepts such as peace, conflict, intercultural dialogue, nonviolence and diversity. This is the foundation for the co-operative work, which has created a strong partnership between 18 organisations involved in this project. With this toolkit, we hope to support and encourage long-term co-operation among young people working to further the culture of peace in the EuroMed.


European Project Management Toolkit: “Partners for Peace”By UNOY Peacebuilders, YERITAC, U Move 4 Peace, PATRIR (2008) This is a training manual on how on how to set up international youth exchanges or meetings on peacebuilding and conflict transformation with maximum level of cooperation and with active involvement of all partners.

2250: A Youth Toolkit By UNOY Peacebuilders and the UN Inter-Agency Working Group on Youth Participation in Peacebuilding (2016). A toolkit for young people looking to make use of UN Security Council resolution 2250 in their communities and advocate for its implementation. Descarga aquí la versión española.


Youth Advocacy for a Culture of Peace – A Reflective Guide for Action in Europe By Unoy Peacebuilders, Helsinki Citizens Assembly, Vanadzor, Hague Aappeal for Peace, Human Rights Information and Documentation Centre (HRIDC), YERITAC, U Move 4 Peace (2008). This guide explains the role of youth in advocacy for peace through success stories and gives tools for effective youth advocacy towards the culture of peace.


Your Campaigning Toolkit By UNOY Peacebuilders (2005) A concrete toolkit for planning a campaign, that gives practical advice from how to plan the campaign to carrying it out and evaluation. The toolkit also provides information on advocacy and lobbying.


Youth Impact for Peace: Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning in Six European Youth OrganisationsPublished by UNOY International Secretariat in partnership with five of its European member organisations: SCI, PATRIR, FCV, EIF and CEIPES, and supported by the independent researcher Celina Del Felice. The report provides a strong basis for better understanding of current MEL practices in youth peace organisations in Europe and what needs to be done to improve them.



The Learning Curve. A Guide to Evaluation for Youth Organisations This guide has been developed in the context of the Youth Impact for Peace partnership. It is an online tool to support young peacebuilders to improve their Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning practices with the aim of making their peacebuilding work more sustainable. You can download the offline version of the guide here.


Looking at collaboration in North-South networksBy PSO, UNOY Peacebuilders (2011) This publication presents stories from practitioners contributing to five different networks. By discussing and sharing we hope to inspire others to also reflect on how they can make their own networks healthier.




Gender Toolkit By UNOY Peacebuilders (2011) This toolkit provides information and guidelines for work with gender in youth peace organisations. It builds on the experience of our former Gender Officers and the Gender Working Group. It comprises of checklists, best practices, resources and modules which allow you to implement gender perspective in every aspect of your work.