‘Share Happiness, Share your Happy School Activity!’ – Join us and celebrate International Day of Happiness on 20 March 2019

Daegu Gachang Elementary School has a simple principle – every student should be acknowledged and proud of their work and accomplishments. And the Republic of Korea school puts that principle into action every day by prominently displaying all of its students’ in-class work on the walls. ‘We make displays to share what we have learned,’ explains 11-year-old student Joo Eun Kim. ‘It makes us feel happy and proud when we can share with others.’

Examples like Daegu Gachang highlight the importance of happiness and well-being for learners, and the school community as a whole. At UNESCO Bangkok, we are looking at ways to improve and enhance education quality through the lens of holistic development, with an emphasis on happiness and well-being. The Happy Schools Project aims to offer alternative ideas about quality education valuing and nurturing learners’ diverse talents and strengths. In 2016, UNESCO Bangkok published Happy Schools! A Framework for Learner Well-being in the Asia-Pacific, which features 22 criteria for happy schools, focusing on People, Process and Place.

Since 2013, the United Nations has celebrated the International Day of Happiness as a way to recognize the importance of happiness in the lives of people around the world. Both this day and the concept of happiness are highly relevant to UNESCO Bangkok’s Happy Schools project. This year, under the International Day theme of ‘Share Happiness’, UNESCO Bangkok invites every person in the Asia-Pacific to share your Happy School Activities. To learn more about how to submit your activity, please review the campaign information and regulations, and submit your information in this online form. ‘Happy Schools Activities’ should meet the following criteria:

1.  Accord with the indicators and criteria of the Happy Schools Framework.
2.  Provide a clear and concise description of the activity.
3.  Include a description of the impacts and outcomes of the activity (for example, by providing facts, figures, stories and anecdotes).

The campaign begins on 4 February 2019 with a submission deadline of 15 March 2019. Short-listed winners will be announced and their activities shared on UNESCO Bangkok’s website, social media accounts and other channels on the International Day of Happiness, 20 March 2019.

UNESCO Bangkok is excited to hear about innovative Happy School Activities from across the Asia-Pacific! ‘Share Happiness, Share your Happy School Activity!’

Contact: happyschools@unesco.org

This event was originally published on the UNESCO Bangkok website.

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