Programming with and for adolescents: UNICEF programme guidance for the second decade

UNICEF has been programming with and for adolescents for many years, addressing adolescent development largely through education; HIV prevention and treatment; nutrition; water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH); and social and child protection. This guidance document builds on existing UNICEF programming and makes adjustments to cover identified gaps. It seeks to increase coherence, scale up results and establish priorities and guiding principles in support of country and regional offices. While the primary target audience of this document is UNICEF staff, it also provides partners with an overview of the strategic direction of UNICEF on the second decade of a child’s life.

Specifically, the Guidance does the following:
• Provide a vision for the commitments made to adolescent girls and boys in the context of the SDGs, along with results and targets;
• Identify implementation strategies, delivery platforms, partnerships and organizational arrangements needed to achieve sectoral and cross-sectoral results for adolescents in the context of different regions and countries.

To download the full document, click here.

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