Generation What? – The survey about 18-34 years old across Asia-Pacific

UNESCO met with broadcasters from throughout Asia-Pacific at the region’s largest documentary fair, the Asian Side of the Doc, to prepare for this year’s launch of the youth-driven transmedia program “Generation What: Asia Pacific”. 

The “Generation What?” campaign centres around an interactive 150 question online survey that invites youth to share their attitudes and values on a range of topics, from identity, employment and education to family, relationships and love. The survey provides the basis for a potentially powerful discussion with young people – one that is critical in Asia-Pacific, a region where young people are under-represented in both media and policy-making processes, where opportunities for dialogue and participation are limited, and where youth feel that the system does not work for them.

Currently, the “Generational What?” campaigns in Japan has been closed, you may check out their results here. Thailand, Bhutan, Nea Zealand are still calling for participation, youths between 18 – 34 years old please take action now to let the world know your voices at below links!

[Closed] Japan: Generation What? Survey Result
Thailand: Generation What?
Bhutan: Generation What?
New Zealand: Generation What?

Read more about the “Generational What?” campaign’s details in the articles on UNESCO Asia Pacific Regional Office’s website:
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