The Youth Co:Lab project, co-led by UNDP and Citi Foundation, aims to establish a common agenda for countries in the Asia-Pacific region to empower and invest in youth, so that they can accel­erate the implementation of the Sustainable DevelopmentGoals (SDGs) through leadership, socialinnovation and entre­preneurship. By developing young people’s 21stcentury skills*, and by catalyzing and sustaining youth-led startups and socialenterprises across the region, Youth Co:Lab is positioning young people frontand center in order to solve the region’s most pressing challenges. In additionto supporting youth entrepreneurship, Youth Co:Lab also works closely withmultiple stakeholders, including governments, civil society and the privatesector, to strengthen the entrepreneurship ecosystem and to promote policiesthat will support and enable young people to take the lead in finding anddeveloping new solutions for social and environmental problems in their communities.
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