Digital Bangladesh needs digitally educated younger generation – Mayor, Chattogram at Digital Khichuri Challenge

Digital literacy among young people is crucial to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and to make Bangladesh progressive and tolerant, said Abu Jahed Mohammed Nasir Uddin, Mayor Chattogram City Corporation at the “Digital Khichuri Challenge” held in Chattogram on 06 December.

Partnering with Facebook and Bangladesh ICT Division, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) initiated “Digital Khichuri Challenge” in 2016 in order to glean ideas from the youth with a view to building a more peaceful and tolerant society and promoting cultural diversity.

Attending the closing and award giving ceremony of the event, the mayor stressed the importance of digital literacy among the young people to prevent cybercrime and propaganda. Abu Jahed Mohammed Nasir Uddin further added, “In terms of numbers, Bangladesh is a young nation. A hundred million of its current population are aged 30 or below. But the youth population is heterogeneous.”

“Platform like Digital Khichuri can bring this heterogenous group together and find a common solution to promote the cultural diversity in Bangladesh.” He also said, “Facebook can be a strong tool to be self-employed but at the same time if used inappropriately it can be a dangerous tool for the youth.”

After four successful Digital Khichuri Challenges in four divisions, Chattrogram version of Digital Khichuri Challenge was organized to find new solutions from the youth of this division that can promote the strength of Bangladesh’s diversity and promote peace and tolerance. 

Before the final day, participants of the Digital Khichuri Challenge spent two days together in an ‘Idea-Lab’ to brainstorm ideas and presented that in front of a jury panel. Among eight teams, “Are You Serious,” won the first prize, worth USD 5000, for their idea on addressing the issue of racism and intolerance with comedy.

The two Runners-up were, “Team Shadhin” for their idea on tackling the issues of fake news through citizen journalism, and “Team Surge Foundation” for their online counter narrative idea.

The winners will be further guided by UNDP to implement their ideas as start-ups.

“Platform like Digital Khichuri, will help Bangladesh to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 16 -Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions,” said Kyoko Yokosuka, Deputy Country Director, UNDP Bangladesh.

Among others, Mahmuda Afroz, Robert Stoelman, Shidartho Goushami from UNDP, Tina Jabeen from the ICT Innovation, also spoke at the event.

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