Adolescents’ Potential Unleashed: UNICEF East Asia & Pacific Regional Office includes a focus on adolescents as one of 3 regional headlines

In October 2018, UNICEF East Asia & Pacific Regional Office released “Adolescents’ Potential Unleashed”, a summary of the key issues for adolescents and youth in the region and an important guiding document for UNICEF country offices.

With over 60 per cent of the worlds’ youth living in the larger Asia Pacific region, supporting this age group to interact with and adapt to a rapidly changing world, develop creative and critical thinking skills and fostering ideals of responsible global citizenship are all critical to unleashing their potential.

UNICEF East Asia & Pacific regional offices will contribute to efforts on:

  • Adolescent learning outcomes;
  • Gender responsive adolescent health and nutrition;
  • Prevention and protection from violence;
  • Child pregnancies and child marriage
  • Safe spaces for participation, creativity and self-expression
  • Safe access to and responsible use of ICT.

For more details, download the full report here.