There are around 700 million youth in the Asia-Pacific region, many of who form youth organizations and networks to pave the way for sustainable development. The wide range of youth organizations and networks across the region take action and advocate for human rights, building more inclusive and resilient societies that leave no one behind, and improving youth policy in their country.

This mapping project is a collaboration between UNESCO and UNV and aims to serve as a way for youth organizations to discover and connect with one another and strengthen existing networks. It also acts as a platform for youth interested in a particular issue to find groups in their area working on relevant issues.

The map is divided into the six different sub-regions of UNESCO Asia-Pacific: East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, West Asia, Central Asia, and the Pacific Islands. These regions are color-coded on the map. You can zoom in and out of the area of your choice to see what organizations/networks exist in the area. When you click on the pin of an organization/network, you will see more information, including its website and a brief description.

You can also access the data via downloadable Excel sheets. Each sub-region has its own Excel sheet, where you can search, for example, for a particular SDG focus or for a particular organization.

This map includes the youth organizations and networks across the Asia-Pacific from the first three phases of the Y-MAP initiative. For the purposes of this project, a youth organization is defined as an interest group that can be joined by a youth as a member or leader to raise youth voices related to sustainable development, youth policy, or human rights. A youth network consists of several youth organizations and/or individuals who follow the same objectives in a collaborative manner.

This map includes the organizations and networks that were submitted by the team of UN Volunteers who worked in their home countries across the region. If you are part of an organization or network that you would like to see added to the map, please visit the “Add Your Organization/Network” page.

This project has been a collaboration between many people across the region. Online UN Volunteers played a central role in researching and collecting data about their home countries. They focused on gathering primary data from the organization or network itself, and they submitted their data through an online questionnaire. There have been three phases of the Y-MAP, and the project will continue to expand to include a wider scope of organizations/networks and regions, as well as the most up-to-date information.